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Sap Edit

Description Edit

Any attacker damaging this hero with a basic attack will lose 1Attackicon

Notes Edit

  • Ranged attacks are not basic attacks and so are unaffected by this.
  • This will trigger for each hit, so a 2Attackicon unit with Extra Attack will deal 2, then 1 damage, for a total of 3 damage dealt, and will be left on 0Attackicon.
  • This will not trigger if the attack damage is reduced to 0, e.g. from armoured.
  • However if the damage is prevented altogether by resistance, then this will still trigger.

Sap Vigor Edit

Description Edit

Deals 10% of the hero's current health in magic damage to a random target each turn, and gains health equal to the amount of damage done.

Notes Edit

  • This can heal Clom past his starting maximum health, up to a maximum of 99
  • The damage is rounded down to the nearest whole number, but not less than 1.
  • The heal is only equal to the damage actually dealt. e.g. a 70 health Clom hitting a unit with gravity shield will only deal 3 damage and thus will only gain 3 health.
  • If there are no units to hit, Clom will not be healed


Clom is a hero that snowballs. if He is allowed to get up to 80-99 health, he becomes difficult to stop as he can gain 8-9 health per turn. The main thing about Clom, whether you're using him or fighting him is: [Health gained - Health lost]  

Using Clom Edit

Increasing health gained Edit

  • Using health gain equipment or units
    • Most of these will not heal you past your starting maximum health, but are still useful to keep your health, and thus health gained, from dropping too low, and help you to recover when it does.
      • Examples are the Rejuvenate ability and Rejuvenation Potion.
    • An exception is the Ring of the Glen, which like Sap Vigor, can heal you past your starting maximum health, to a maximum of 99
  • increasing your starting health
    • This gives you a head-start on your snowballing, and also helps to reduce the board that's hitting you early as it increases your damage as well.  

Decreasing health lost Edit

  • Decreasing the damage output from the opponent
    • Accelerate the reduction of attack power by using creatures with weakening effects (especially weaken ray e.g. Eye Tyrant). This will also hit ranged attackers which Sap does not.  
    • Use spells or abilties to remove abilities that either hurt you directly or buff their units.
      • Removing magic abilities directly is easy enough with Magic Vortex or Drain Magic.  
      • Removing other abilties can be done with the corrode debuff.  
  • Decreasing the damage you actually take
    • Use units to stand between enemy units and Clom
      • Walls tend to come down fast with decent health to reduce the damage fast rushes can do
      • Units that heal themselves with regenerate, heal or other abilities will be able to stick around longer to protect you. Or even if they just have a large health pool.
      • Creatures Like Eye Tyrant and Manavore play double duty as they weaken the opponents creatures while also blocking damage and heal0ing.
    • Use protective equipments to reduce unblocked damage
      • Absorb negates magic abilities, which coupled with Sap reducing basic attacks, covers a fair number of cards.  
      • Shield, and even better, Armoured will reduce damage from any source, greatly reducing damage coming in from lots of small sources, as well as helping somewhat with larger sources still.
        • These will stack with each other and themselves.  
        • If a creature does not deal damage because the damage is reduced to 0 by one of these, it will not get its attack reduced by Sap  
      • Resistance completely negates damage beyond the first few hits each turn.
        • creatures that do not deal damage (e.g. because they have 0 attack from earlier Saps) will not count towards the cut off  
        • creatures that do not deal damage because they are negated by resistance WILL still get their attack reduced by Sap.  
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