Skulls and Unlocking rewards Edit

Rewards are unlocked by crews accruing a certain number of skulls. When the crew reaches the threshold for a reward card, it will automatically become available for crew members to buy. This will not cost any skulls, and skulls will never decrease for any reason.

Crews can earn skulls in 2 ways:

  • Crew battles: 2 for a win, 1 for a loss
  • Crew season rewards: Top crews will get bonus Skulls at the end of each crew season

Crew RewardsEdit

The cost of a crew reward card is determined by it's rarity:

  • Uncommon: 3 Honour + 4 Gems
  • Rare: 6 Honour + 12 Gems
  • Epic: 9 Honour + 45 Gems
Skulls Card Rarity Tips
5 Air Elemental U
10 Aranea U
20 Counterspell R Not many people use counterspells these days, but here they are if you really need them.
30 Gemini Imp R This is used in bulk in Imp rush decks
50 Pike Thrower R
70 Dawnguard R
90 Ballistic Mek E This is a very powerful single target nuker. The L makes the cooldown more reasonable, plus gives it some serious survivability.
110 Volt Turret R Sometimes used as a counter to Eliana
140 Meat Stores E The L is the highest HP wall in the game. It's still not great
170 Cytosian R
200 Lord Fax E Useful in slower decks like Myrr
240 Shield Breaker E Used a long time ago when Shield was much better and more prevalent. now pretty much useless.
280 Berith E Used to be top tier. The meta has since shifted, but this can still be useful in certain niches. This recently got a buff now that confuse ray only targets units with attack
320 Niven Stoutbow E Generally useful is a lot of decks, this is one of the most popular crew rewards. The L gives pierce, negating one of extra attacks weaknesses, and gives 7HP letting it survive Glasha's Disarm.
370 Raps and Taps E A must have for aggressive rush decks. The L negates the problem that it itself doesn't deal much damage
410 Constructor Darik E
470 Princess Khima E This competes with Drill Mek and Hipparch Solon as a quick 3 attack unit with pierce. figure out whats best for your deck and go with it.
520 Bard E Used to be top tier. The meta has since shifted, but this can still be useful in certain niches
580 Brainstorm E Very few decks want this, but some niche decks will use one or two.
640 Mele Rainmaker E Got a significant buff with the added fireproof, making it useful against salamanders. The L doubles it's damage
700 Pestilent E
770 Drill Mek E Useful for it's pierce in Vyona decks.
840 Rust Monster E This is a relic of a bygone era when Shield vs Pierce was the meta
910 Corvina E Useful against stall decks, or Bella decks with singularity. However Bender of Blades is better.
980 Recluse Spider R Great in drafts, not worth the gems outside of them.
1060 Moves as Sand E Sneak attack mean's it cannot be hit by heroes that target the leftmost unit (Dulluk, Luther, Weyland, Laertes)
1140 GoldLeaf Archer R Great in drafts, not worth the gems outside of them.
1230 Syran Gemcaster E Absorb makes this great against heroes that deal magic damage, especially Sidalis and Quilen. However Absorb does not protect against Agone's Swallow.
1320 Chort E
1410 Arsenic E Often compared to Queen Huloth. This deals more damage and buffs health, but is less flexible and less controlling.
1500 Astaroth E A lot of damage output, but slow to come out.
1580 Griflet E Opens the possibility of a Cavalry midrange deck along with Hipparch Solon and Perseus.
1660 Alloy Elemental R This is just here because it needed to get introduced to buff amariel's summons.
1750 Mycophage R The L can be quite powerful in small numbers in the Saphi Mycosian Shrieker Spam deck.
1830 Time Bomb R The trigger ability continues to tick down even while the timebomb is invulnerable due to stoneform. has some niche use, but mostly just here to buff Azniks traps
1920 Speaks like Snakes E Opens the possibility of a saurian deck along with the new reliquary cards.
2000 Flashdraft R Has interesting applications with Sidalis or Absorbtion Stone. The main reason why Saa-Raas is playable
2090 Fenris E This got Nerfed, HARD. And yet it's still a great card and a core card of the wolf decks. You just can't only use him anymore.
2180 Philosopher R Quite good for a rare, which make the equip that summons it very good. but not quite good enough to compete at the top.
2270 Ctarath E No one plays this but the card design is awesome. Can be a stand in for Cicatrice until you get more of him (if that's the deck you want to make)
2360 Belcher Imp E Currently very powerful with Saa-Raas and Flashdraft.
2450 Disintegrate E A very powerful effect. if you draw one early and hit the right equip it can be game winning. But extra copies after the 2nd are virtually useless. If the damage is prevented, no equipment is destroyed.
2540 Constructor Ulnik E No one is playing this right now, but it's a good card that is just overshadowed. Often an upgrade to Constructor Alara.
2630 Apep E This card is currently intentionally aimed at being slightly underpowered, just in case they got it wrong. Being able to spam putting Flashdrafts in an opponents deck can potentially be an incredibly powerful ability.
2720 Strychnos E The Slay [Faction] abilities hits heroes as well. This can make this useful against commonly used heroes like Malik and especially Vyona who is a Dark Elf hero that uses predominantly Dark Elf units.
2810 Filch E A very unique ability. But mostly too random to be useful, and most of the time this will just be a weaker Dark Coercion. Maybe sees some play in the stall mirror, since the stolen cards cant be recovered/etc.
2900 Zorak, The Mace E The Slay [Faction] abilities hits heroes as well. Currently High Elf units are not used en-mass as much(apart from cheap units where double damage is useless). But Sidalis is a very popular defense hero, one of the best free ones.

Updates Edit

Crew Rewards Screenshot - Out of date since the 2.55 update Crew rewards got rehauled and added to in the 2.55 update on the 11th of Feb 2017

Crew rewards got further expanded in the 3.28 update on 16th July 2018

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