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The reliquary box is a rotating set of 20 cards which the user can pay to pick a card at random from.

Cards are not immediately replaced as cards are taken. This means that with enough picks you are able to guarantee taking all 20 cards from the box. The exception to this is that when the last card is picked, all 20 cards are refilled(with the same cards) and picks can start again. The box also refills when it rotates away.

Boxes are not shared, but are identical. I.e. everyone gets their own box to make picks from that refills when they empty it, but everyone's box rotates at the same time to the same cards.

Paying for Picks Edit

Reliquary Tokens Edit

Picking a card from the Reliquary box costs 10 reliquary tokens. These tokens can be obtained from the store for 80 gems for 10 tokens (i.e. one pick). However buying tokens from the store is the most expensive way to obtain Reliquary Tokens, at 8 gems per coin. They can also be obtained from reliquary token tournaments(3.3 gems, 1.7 gems or 1 gem per coin depending on how well you do) , as well as randomly from gold, epic, arena and crew chests(all 1 at a time, for free).

Gems Edit

Alternately, the option is available to "buy out" the box. At a cost of 70 gems per card, all remaining cards in the box can be picked at once. e.g. to buy a full box of 20 cards, this costs 1400 gems, whereas a box with 11 cards remaining would cost 770 gems. As with individual picks, when the box is emptied this way, the box will refill back to 20 cards again, allowing for further picks, another buyout, or combination thereof.

Rotation Edit

Every 7 days, the cards in the box (regardless of how many are left) will be replaced with a new set of 20 cards, following a strict rotation of 12 sets. Each box is comprised of 2 copies each of 9 E Cards and 1 copy each of 2 L cards. Cards will always come up in boxes as the same rarity (e.g. an E will never show up as an L and vice versa). These 12 sets are split into two 6 set halves, with each L showing in one box in each half, and each E showing in two different boxes in each half. This gives a total of 12 unique L cards and 27 unique E cards.

The rotation sets are (in this order):

  1. L Xenosaur, L Beholder, E Vox, E Grimalkin, E Tarrasque, E Wulf, E Drikkim, E Agar, E Sklirosaur, E Perseus, E Iole Arcfire
  2. L Gorgon Song, L Black Widow, E Skoll, E Dominion Wall, E Daos, E Cicatrice, E Mago Breaker, E Anakaga, E Strobe Mek, E Salamander, E Pandemonium
  3. L Zink, L Arachne, E Tarrasque, E June Willowstar, E Cherufe, E Iole Arcfire, E Constructor Sapok, E Implosion, E Wulf, E Doom, E Cimmerian
  4. L Rainbow Spirit, L Last Resort, E Anakaga, E Dominion Wall, E Operations Mek, E Calliope, E Agar, E Skilrosaur, E Implosion, E Yuta Dusksong, E Strobe Mek
  5. L Lady Steele, L Absolute Zero, E Salamander, E Operations Mek, E Vox, E Skoll, E June Willowstar, E Cicatrice, E Cimmerian, E Perseus, E Pandemonium
  6. L Bender of Blades, L Odan, Hierophant, E Yuta Dusksong, E Mago Breaker, E Drikkim, E Constructor Sapok, E Daos, E Doom, E Cherufe, E Calliope, E Grimalkin
  7. L Lady Steele, L Arachne, E Cherufe, E Tarrasque, E Vox, E Perseus, E Implosion, E Cicatrice, E Iole Arcfire, E Agar, E Mago Breaker
  8. L Last Resort, L Xenosaur, E Calliope, E Skoll, E Anakaga, E Doom, E Sklirosaur, E Drikkim, E Operations Mek, E Salamander, E Wulf
  9. L Black Widow, L Absolute Zero, E Grimalkin, E Vox, E Anakaga, E Iole Arcfire, E Agar, E Salamander, E Daos, E Dominion Wall, E Pandemonium
  10. L Rainbow Spirit, L Bender of Blades, E Tarrasque, E Perseus, E Cicatrice, E Drikkim, E Mago Breaker, E June Willowstar, E Strobe Mek, E Cimmerian, E Constructor Sapok
  11. L Zink, L Beholder, E Calliope, E Cherufe, E Strobe Mek, E Cimmerian, E Doom, E Implosion, E Pandemonum, E Wulf, E Yuta Dusksong
  12. L Gorgon Song, L Odan Heirophant, E Constructor Sapok, E Grimalkin, E Sklirosaur, E Skoll, E Operations Mek, E Dominion Wall, E Daos, E June Willowstar, E Yuta Dusksong

Reliquary Cards Edit

Epic Legendary
Name Faction CD A HP Abilities CD A HP Abilities
Absolute Zero Spell N/A N/A N/A N/A 8 N/A N/A all units +1Atk and remove abilities, debuffs, specials
Agar Spider People 6 3 6 Weaken, Amnesia 6 4 7 Weaken, Amnesia
Arachne Spider People N/A N/A N/A N/A 7 2 7 Entrap, Cull 2, Regenerate 3
Anakaga Spider People 7 3 7 Halt, Smoke Burst, Augury 6 4 8 Halt, Smoke Burst, Augury
Beholder Nameless Horde N/A N/A N/A N/A 5 N/A 10 Beam 3, Drain Strength, Consume
Bender of Blades Orcish Tribes N/A N/A N/A N/A 5 2 9 Slay Hero, Spellproof, Wind Shield
Black Widow Spider People N/A N/A N/A N/A 5 3 9 Mind Steal
Calliope Atlantean 8 0 7 Invocant, Wisdom 7 0 7 Invocant, Wisdom, Heal
Cicatrice Spider People 5 1 7 Paralyzing Bite, Fugue Aura, Pierce 4 2 7 Paralyzing Bite, Fugue Aura, Pierce
Cimmerian Spider People 6 3 6 Curse, Dark Gift 5 4 7 Curse, Dark Gift
Cherufe Nameless Horde 7 3 8 Stoneform, Fireproof 6 3 8 Stoneform, Fireproof, Flamelust
Pandemonium Spell 6 N/A N/A Confuses 2 enemy units 6 N/A N/A Confuses all enemy units
Constructor Sapok Dark Elf 4 3 4 Stealth, Backstab 4 3 5 Stealth, Backstab, Hasten
Daos Nameless Horde 10 5 11 Regenerate 4, Consume 9 5 11 Regenerate 4, Consume, Frenzy
Dominion Wall Atlantean 7 N/A 9 Resistance 2, Wall, Guard Ally 6 N/A 12 Resistance 2, Wall, Guard Ally
Doom Spell 6 N/A N/A Kill 1 enemy(not wall or machine) 3 N/A N/A Kill 1 enemy(not wall or machine)
Drikkim Nameless Horde 4 1 7 Extra Attack, Drain 4 2 7 Extra Attack, Drain
Gorgon Song Spell N/A N/A N/A N/A ? N/A N/A Summon 2 Hydras
Grimalkin Dark Elf 4 1 4 Poach, Machine 4 2 5 Poach, Pierce, Machine
Implosion Spell 7 N/A N/A Explosive=CD to 2 units 6 N/A N/A Explosive=CD to 3 units
Iole Arcfire High Elf 5 1 6 Magic Shield, Wisdom 4 1 7 Magic Shield, Wisdom
June Willowstar Atlantean 5 1 7 Soak, Remedy, Immune 5 2 8 Soak 2, Remedy, Immune
Lady Steele Atlantean N/A N/A N/A N/A 6 3 6 Heal, Retaliate, Armoured
Last Resort Spell N/A N/A N/A N/A 9 N/A N/A 9 ranged to hero when deck empty. Spellproof
Mago Breaker Orcish Tribes 7 3 7 Slay Mage, Igniter 7 4 8 Slay Mage, Igniter, Flamelust
Odan, Heirophant High Elf N/A N/A N/A N/A 6 1 10 Heal 3, Rebirth
Operations Mek Dark Elf 7 2 7 Smoke Burst, Bomb, Machine 7 3 9 Smoke Burst, Bomb, Machine
Perseus Atlantean 7 2 9 Shield, Boost Cavalry 7 3 11 Shield, Boost Cavalry
Rainbow Spirit High Elf N/A N/A N/A N/A ? 0 5 Prism Ray, Luminance
Salamander High Elf 6 2 4 Flare, Burn 2, Fireproof 6 2 6 Flare, Burn 3, Fireproof
Sklirosaur Orcish Tribes 7 3 8 Charge, Rush 2 7 3 9 Charge, Rush 4, Wound
Skoll High Elf 5 2 4 Stealth, Wolfpack, Pin 4 2 5 Stealth, Wolfpack, Pin
Strobe Mek Dark Elf 7 N/A 6 Beam 2, Beam 2, Machine 7 N/A 8 Beam 3, Beam 2, Machine
Tarrasque Orcish Tribes 10 1 16 Frenzy, Shockproof 10 2 12 Frenzy, Shockproof, Armoured
Vox Nameless Horde 5 1 6 Harbinger, Drain 5 2 8 Harbinger, Drain
Wulf Atlantean 6 2 7 Vanguard, Extra Attack 5 2 8 Vanguard, Extra Attack, Veteran
Xenosaur Orcish Tribes N/A N/A N/A N/A 10 3 9 Charge, Unstoppable, Assault 2
Yuta Dusksong High Elf 7 1 7 Beam 2, Spellpower 7 2 7 Beam 2, Prism Ray, Spellpower
Zink Dark Elf N/A N/A N/A N/A 7 6 6 Equivalence, Immune
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