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Storm Wars is a casual free-to-play collectible card game, combining lightning-fast battles with deep deckbuilding strategy. For PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

This Wikia is currently a work in progress, and some of the information is out of date. Feel free to contribute!

Storm Wars Discord ServerEdit

If you have questions, want to chat with the developers or just generally want to get involved in the community, come join us on the Storm Wars Discord server

 We have deck building advice, balance discussions, tournament advice and more. 

Full Card & Equipment ListEdit

A up to date list of all the cards and equipment in the game can be found in the Storm Wars Analytics Guide. This is a spreadsheet maintained by the developers themselves and contains card power rating calculations, faction breakdowns, and more.

NOTE: @2018-08-23: cards from the most recent major content update (3.29) have not yet been added to the SWAG, although the equipment have been.

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